Ideally located at the corner of the Streets Jabotinsky and Even Gvirol.  The new luxurious residence will be in the heart of Tel- aviv’s Old North neighbourhood where a multitude of activities are at easy Access ; Culture, Gastronomy, Parks and more….at a walking distance from Kikar Hamedina and the Tel-Aviv Beach.


The complex « INFINITY TOWER « will be built by the reknown HAGAG group, one of the leading construction compagnies in Israël whose expertise is in private, commercial, and office buildings. Among the luxurious and successfull projects of the group : The Magnificient towers MEIER in Rothschild, H-Tower Tel Aviv,

Port-Tlv, Migdalei Neeman, Havat Gordon and Migdal Haarbaa.


The project was designed by Prof. Moshe Zur and his team. The office of urban Architecture buildings, was founded in 1978. Moshe Zur and his 90 Architects specialise in the design of luxurious residences towers in Israël, their long experience has brought the projects to the highest level of combination of comfort and luxury !


A luxurious Lobby with 24\7 reception service, an underground parking,elevators,  private lounge and meeting room available to the tower's residents, swimming pool, a modern fully equipped Gym room.


Construction will be starting during January 2016                     with an expected completion in 2021.


The 47 floors of the Tower will include a wide variety of apartments with or without Terrace:

Floor 2,  for 65 sq. +14 sq. Terrace                              - price    2 714 000 Nis

Floor 11, for 64 sq.  North                                             -price    2 550 000  Nis

Floor 11, for 92 sq. + 14 sq. Terrace ,South East        -price    3 918 000  Nis  

Floor 7,  for 152 sq. + 22 sq. Terrace, North Ouest   - price   6 177 000  Nis


Bank appointed for Financial guaranty:  Bank Mizrahi Tefahot 




50% - at the signature of the contract.

The rest - according to the progress of the construction.



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