Global management of your real estate requirements:


Makom Ba Lev will fit your Real Estate needs  in Tel Aviv and its surrounding area.


  • You will save time, by selecting  your  property from your country of origin.


  • You will easily communicate your needs, in your language, (we speak fluent French, English, and Hebrew ).


  • We shall provide you with a reliable, trustful business offer.


  • We shall provide  for all of your Real Estate needs : purchase, rental or sale for personal and commercial requirements.



Real estate consultant

Rest trustfully on a professional state graduate:


Makom Ba lev will allow you to manage your property in Israel, from a distance, with efficiency and absolute discretion.


  • Ensure a regular income, optimizing your investment.


  • Get all aspects of the administration of your assets fully taken care of.


  • Management of your housing, prior and after your stay, including renovation and maintenance, referring you to qualified reliable local professionals.





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Accompaniment services in absorption in Israel


Personalized absorption services:


  • For you and your family: obtaining your Israeli identity card, health Insurance of your choice, driver's license and social security enlisting.


  • For your real estate acquisition: legal, fiscal and insurance aspects.


  • For moving into  your new home: home media connection, electricity, gas, municipality taxes.


  • For your everyday life: recommendation of professionals to perform daily tasks: cleaning, handyman, cooking, shopping, messengers, maintenance, babysitting etc.


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